Eric Greenfield

Senior Citizen

What made it hard for Eric Greenfield to see a family member grow old is that it happened so fast.  It took only 9 years for Greenfield's friend and companion, Otto, to became a senior citizen.   Otto is the family dog, a dachshund  to be exact, and when he has his next birthday he will be 17 or the equivalent to 119 in people years.

At 119, Otto has his share of aches, pains and health issues.  So it's understandable  he no longer feels like playing, catching a ball, chasing squirrels, or acting silly.  So what does Otto do these days?  Not surprisingly, Otto's favorite pass time is sleeping.  When not asleep, Otto still loves his meals and his favorite treats as much as when he was a puppy.

For sure old age is a challenge, but the Greenfields make sure Otto stays fit and comfortable.  He's taken for walks, gets daily meds and supplements, and has acupuncture regularly.   Some people think acupuncture for a dog is ridiculous, but Greenfield will tell you it has improved Otto's health and disposition tremendously.   

If only Otto could talk, he would tell you the same thing.