Red Star Line

One of the highlights of Eric Greenfield's visit to Belgium was the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp.

From 1873 - 1954 over 2 million people fleeing poverty and/or persecution in Europe boarded Red Star Ocean Liners in Antwerp, crossed the Atlantic, and disembarked in America and Canada with dreams of a better life. Eric Greenfield's grandparents were among this group.

​The Museum is in memory of all these emigrants and tells their personal stories of courage, hardships, and accomplishments. It is housed in the original Red Starr Line buildings where passengers, including Albert Einstein and 5-year-old Irving Berlin, were processed before their journey.

​Contemporary migration stories are also exhibited in the Museum and this was particularly meaningful to Greenfield. Today, poverty, war, and persecution are still the reasons people are fleeing their countries and dreaming of a better life in America. If only there was a Red Star Ocean Liner to carry them here.

Eric Greenfield