For Eric Greenfield, when an ordinary kid from Brooklyn makes it big in his chosen profession, it's a dream come true, and inspires young people everywhere to dream big. 

This was brought to light in an exhibit Greenfield saw at the Jewish Museum in New York, Isaac Mizrahi- an unruly history.  Mizrahi, a Brooklyn boy, exploded into the fashion world with his first collection at the age of 25.  Most people his age have no idea what direction their lives will take, but Mizrahi knew exactly what he wanted and was totally focused on a career in fashion.

Mizrahi's inspiration for his creative design ideas come from many different sources-- popular culture, nature, dance, music, sports, art, politics, religion, and diverse cultures.  All of these influences can be seen in the exhibition.

Greenfield noticed there were families with children of all ages at the exhibit, some of whom were clearly enthralled by fabric texture and color, the sketches that magically materialized into an outfit, and the videos of fantastic costumes created by Mizrahi for theatre and dance productions. 

Will any of these children become the hot fashion designers of the future? 

Time will tell. 

Isaac Mizrahii

Eric Greenfield