Otto was the only dachshund in the group.  The other puppies heeled, dropped things they shouldn't have in their mouths, and learned to obey. Not Otto.  He was a stubborn boy and not easy to sway which is typical of the breed.  He was probably the cutest puppy in the group, possibly the smartest, but the most disobedient. It is sad to say he failed puppy kindergarten.

​After that, Eric and the rest of the Greenfield family worked hard to reinforce what Otto was supposed to have learned in school.  Eventually Otto gave in, followed commands and acted respectfully at home.

Otto is definitely to be admired.  He's small, but thinks big.  He is not intimidated by big dogs or bullies. He protects his family from harm.  He is a loyal and loving friend to Eric and all members of the Greenfield family. On his next birthday he will be 16.  Eric Greenfield is throwing him a party!!!    

Otto's getting older. Read about his
17th birthday. 
A furry family member entered Eric Greenfield's life when he was a teenager.  He took over the household. He had fluffy brownish red hair, he had to be trained to behave, and he was always getting into trouble.  The family named him Otto- a very sophisticated name- but Otto was far from sophisticated.  He didn't know the first thing about appropriate behavior and Eric Greenfield had a tough job teaching him.  After a while, the Greenfield family registered Otto in a class hoping he would learn something.

Furry Friend

Eric Greenfield

Eric Greenfield