When  Eric Greenfield saw the revival of Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway, it moved him to both laughter and to tears. 

Fiddler transported Greenfield  to a shtetl in Russia in 1905 where tensions  between Jews and Russians are flaring up.  The political upheaval is seen through the eyes of Tevya, a poor milkman, his wife, and his 5 daughters, each of whom he loves dearly.   

Despite the turmoil, Tevya tries valiantly to hold onto his cherished beliefs and the sacred traditions that have bound his family together for generations.  But the world is changing and old traditions are challenged at every turn.  Tevya, a man of faith, asks God for advice on how to handle his headstrong daughters- they want to choose their own husbands--unheard of!  

Tevya is caught in a bind-- how is he to honor his ancestors and the traditions of the past if he accepts modernity?  With humor and pathos, Tevya struggles with the changing tides that affect his very soul.   

In the sorrowful ending, Tevya, and the entire Jewish community are forced to leave the home they knew and loved and must flee the country. What will the future hold in store for them?  How will they survive?

For Greenfield, the plight of these refugees is an unsettling reminder of the sad state of the world today.

Fiddler on the Roof

Eric Greenfield