Greenfield excelled in his accounting and computer technology courses, made Dean's List, and was a recipient of the National Collegiate Computer Science Award. 

​Always passionate about sports, Eric chose to play the one sport that was completely new to him--rugby.  He had experience playing football, but it wasn't offered at NEC and rugby intrigued him enough to give it a try.  It was rougher than football and very challenging, but he enjoyed the challenge of a new sport and it was an opportunity to meet other sports-minded people.  

​Towards the end of Eric's junior year, his accounting professor, who was also his advisor, told him he was leaving the college.  This was a major loss for Eric as this professor provided him with guidance, support and friendship.  He was also a gifted teacher and Eric learned just about everything he knows about accounting from him.  Eric was given the honor of being the student representative on the search committee for a new accounting professor. 

​In senior year Eric had an internship at a bank a few towns away.  It was an eye-opening experience and gave him a first-hand look at how a business was run. It reinforced his desire to be involved in the business world.

​All in all, Eric's experience at NEC gave him a strong body of knowledge and the skills to pursue a career and to ultimately establish his own business.

Eric Greenfield



Eric Greenfield attended New England College in the small college town of Henniker, New Hampshire.  Eric majored in Business, an area he was always interested in.  When he first visited the college he was impressed with the professors who taught accounting and computer technology and concentrated his studies in those two areas.  His focus on accounting became the foundation for him to pursue a career helping companies and individuals balance and maintain their books.