Eric Greenfield

Whenever Eric Greenfield hears someone say, "I'm too old for this," a certain woman comes to mind who defies all stereotypes of what it means to be "old." That woman is Brazil's greatest living woman of the stage, Bibi Ferreira. 

​Greenfield was lucky enough to see Bibi perform her one-woman show in New York City celebrating her 75-year career. At age 94, Bibi is a dynamic and energetic performer. Throughout her life she has performed, directed, and produced some of the most important moments in Brazilian theatre. She made her NYC debut at age 90, and at 94 years young, she has no intention of slowing down.

​For Greenfield, Bibi is an inspiration. Seeing her perform, igniting the audience with her beautiful voice, and literally bringing down the house as the audience showered her with adulation and clamored for an encore, has definitely altered his views on old age and what it means to be alive. 

Bibi Ferreira